Senin, 06 Desember 2010

Foot Pain & Swollen, Heel Pain, Hand Numbness, Pale Face & Palm

Name: Kamalayasri Ninti Udin
Age : 46 years old
From: Malacca,Malaysia
Peoblem: Foot Pain & Swollen, Heel Pain, Hand Numbness, Pale Face & Palm
Product: BIOFiron Energy Therapy

My foot is swollen and in pain. I also have heel pain ans hand numbness for about 2 years. Whenever I ake up in the morning I feel pain at heel and it is very uncomfortable to walk. I suffer almost every day.
My friend, Ms. Panjaleh invited me to go to GNE company for trying the  BIOFiron Energy Therapy.
On 25th April 2010, I started to get therapy for 20 minutes ( 10 days).  After that increased to 30 minutes till now. For the first ime when I use the therapy, I felt numbness at my foot and heaty.
I come for therapy routinely. After using for 4 months, amazing things happened, most of the pain had reduced and no more numbness at hand. Before this, I find that my palm is very pale . After using BIOFiron Energy Therapy, I have healthier skin tone on palm and face now. Beside this, I have good passing motion habit and feel very fresh.
After experiencing it myself,  I am really amazed by its wonderful therapy effect. I am rally grateful to GNE Company that has provided a good public service for community. I hope more people will be benefitedby using BIOFiron Energy Therapy.

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